April 16, 2017

The Sweetest Day

 Family.  Such a great word.  It means strength in numbers for some.

We were raised in a large family of 8, Spanning years of new babies coming into this world with
welcoming arms and hearts too.  Bonding with many people as a baby in this family; as babies
look into the eyes of so many. 
Across The Pond
And Friday we had a special visit from some very special people.....my sisters.....it was so wonderful
and healing for my ailing body.  We went to our pond for a visit too; they loved it.  The pollen that SC is famous for was layering on the top of the pond.
Judy, Me, Debbie and Lori   

We made pizza for lunch with veggie munchies.  No, we never quit talking or laughing for  the 9 hours that they blessed us with their time.  They drove from Ohio, so it was a LONG drive just to
see us.  Debbie kept making me sit down.  Ha, I laughed as she is 6 years younger than me and
as we grew up I had to take care of them after school and the evening when Mom went to work.
So, this was role reversal.

Yard Flags

At one point we started making yard flags for the reunion.  They chose some civil war fabric of
flags, of course!  and when they return to Ohio they will add an initial to each yard flag for the
families expected to attend the 25th reunion of the Nesler's.  Our Dad started it before he
unexpectedly passed. We all still miss him and later our Mom too.
This is Debbie; a real miracle seeing her sew.  She HATED sewing as a kid.  She told us Friday
it was because of the bobbin issues....drove her crazy.  But, now she has grandkids and has spent
the last few years teaching them to stitch.  It is the first thing that they ask to do when they come to
visit.  That is just sweet!! Sew, she is going to buy a sewing machine!! URA!!!

Judy is the oldest girl in family.  we have 3 brothers too and Patti 9 years younger than me passed
8 years ago this August to stomach cancer.  We miss her.  She loved to create and sew.  Judy taught
us all things from walking to so many household duties in a large active family  and sewing of all
kinds.  She is our 2nd Mom.  She hand quilts beautiful quilts.  She is helping with the flag edges.
So happy she came along to see us!!

Lori Ann
 Lori is always the most active one of all of us.
Being the youngest of 8, no one could ever
keep up with her.  She longarmed a smaller
quilt top she had made a few years ago.  Her son
and his wife adopted a brother and sister from
Africa in the last couple years.  They came at different times.  Georgia just came this year. Sew, she is doing meandering on this quilt for her.
She backed it with one of our Mom favorite
fabric that we had in our shop we managed 9 years
ago. A fun time in our lives together.
Quilt DONE !!

Fabs for Flags

 My Sister Deb painted me beautiful quilt with texture on it.  I love it.  Judy brought me coloring
books and a word search too.....plus two color pencils.  I love to color.  We all did as kids too.
One of the coloring books is patriotic.  She said Gary can color too in that one!!!  Sweet!!

Just a very, very delectable day together.  We agreed, when I can travel, to meet half way and
rent a place so we can do more sewing or as Deb does paintings!......

I hope you have a blessed Easter Day.  He is Risen.  He is Risen indeed!!!

I know people celebrate the Sweetest Day in the fall; but truly we had one of our Sweetest Days
Friday.  It was medicine to my body and soul, for sure.   Thanks Sis's!!!......and we will all see Patti
in Heaven.....the one we celebrate today.....

Because He Lives!!!

March 29, 2017


Precious Hand's   Precious Colors!

A day in the life of an Avid Quilter.  Right?  I say so!
Even a Stamp for the sweet Crayola

I heard today that they are retiring a crayon color.....Makes me sad!
What color will it be?  My mother in law's sister named the blue Cornflower
color.  She worked in NYC then. So, we hope it is not Harriets' color....she is close
100 years old now.  Amazing!

Back to Quilting.  I have added a few Quilts I found on Pinterest with an
interesting link to one that weaves a basket with lots of crayola colors!

My favorite color box was when the 64 box came out with a sharpener..

How good it smelled on Christmas Morning!  and Please little sister's DON'T break
them in half......please!!

Oh, WOW!!  I think my favorite with this Pinterest Grouping is the last one.....the actual Crayola's ...
Excellently done!!  Our imaginations are our only limit, I think.

I am bound up in binding today.  A little over 3 weeks until my 3 sister's will be here.  I am blessed with Company recently.  My son and his family and our daughter and her 3 girls were here Sunday and Monday.  They squeezed fun out of every minute together.  I imagine our chicken's miss them
collecting the warm eggs!! and our young dog Gracie misses them too.  She got the best attention
she has had in while now!.....they all fell in love with her....I think I heard a little voice saying....I would like to take her home...... followed later by, Well, I AM the birthday girl!!.....wise at 8!!

Have a bright and colorful day!  

Who REALLY loves your Crayola memories? and who doesn't love the Taffy Quilt!!!!

March 24, 2017

Paper Piecing Magic

Debbie's New York Beauty Mini Top
Paper piecing is fun for some and not fun at all for others.  I do find
it fun and in the end you have perfect blocks and points.
Tulip Spools

Very Helpful Designs

Oldest sister Jud/ys Tulip and Spools Mini Top

That sells it to me.  To be honest I was afraid to even try it for years.
It seemed to complicated.  Finally, the desire to finish a Farmer's Wife
Sampler Quilt and a Dear Jane Quilt won over my fears.

I found my courage and began and I have never looked back.  I did
complete 2 Farmer's Wives Quilts and 1 Dear Jane in one year.  Making
them as heirloom quilts for our 3 grown kids.

Tiny huh?

I wondered; why am I doing this which such fervor?  Now, we know why since
I am struggling with this weakened body and legs issue.  I am paper piecing
again though.  My 3 sister's are coming before Easter and I wanted to have
Lori's Farmer's Wife Mini Top
a mini quilt made for each one of them. Our sister Patti will be here in our hearts. On the mini's,  since  using my longarm is out at this
point;  I am using decorative stitches with my Viking,  Relaxing!!

So far, so good!!.

Our son and his wife and kids and our daughter and her girls are
coming this weekend from Ohio and Indiana. We haven't had time together with them all  in  4 years.
Our other son and wife and kids won't be here, other than their daughter who is
living in our town now.

So, if I have time, YEP,  also paper piecing a few mug rugs for the adults coming!

The lambs and the Muc Muc dolls in previous posts are waiting on the table for the girls.

Please enjoy  Angel Walters video on a very simple process of making all paper piecing patterns.

Have a Quilted kind of day!  Step into Paper Piecing; trust me the water is fine!!   ((wink))

I will post the Mini's
when I get them Quilted later today.    Sorry about my rambling post!!
It happens!!! 

March 11, 2017

Milky Way

There must be a God.....such a ordered Universe.....such gifted minds
that give us these delights at the touch of a finger on our lap tops, sitting
on our laps!!....totally Amazing!.....
Has anyone ever made a Milky Way Quilt?....boys would love that!!!

Just a quick trip to Pinterest!! Does it ever let you down?....Just sayin'....
this is a sweet Milky Way Quilt.....Fig Tree Quilts
Fig Tree Quilts

Fons and Porter
Yes, I found a kit at our sweet friends in Iowa!! I thought this was cool too!!

Sew, gee!!...head in the (star) clouds today!!.....

Paper piecing tiny tulip Mini Quilt squares today....sew 30 minutes and rest 30 minutes....a Quilter has to do what a Quilter has to do!!  Finished Mini 15 1/2 " by 15 1/2"......sweeeeeet!!!

Only God is Perfect!!! Sew enjoy Quilting today....Relax, keep Calm and Quilt on!!   Wink!!

March 2, 2017

Never Give UP!!

Never give up, never give up, never give up.

A person who loves to quilt is very much into that... when they          
Depression Era Farmer's Wife....Heirloom for our kids....

start a quilt, piece the quilt and quilt the quilt...it is work that you never
give up on.

  It is a "pearl" made in a shell through bits of sand and constant

Quilts bring brightness into this world.  This wild world.  They are predictable
because if you follow the pattern and sew with 1/4 seams you will have a balanced
and "happy" quilt when you are done.  And seeing the look of delight on the face
of the receiver is priceless.  All the work is worth every stitch and every inch.

Pacing Creativity with Leg resting
My condition is still with me.  It has been decided to give me an epidural in about
3 weeks for the constant pain in my legs; now for over a year.  My narrowing,
arthritic spine is not causing my weak legs; so the hunt for a Neurologist who
specializes in Muscular skeletal seems appropriate.  My left leg got weaker with
the PT we were doing; the right leg is now getting weaker slowly now.  I still
can not go up or down steps and I use the seated walker in the house for safety,
as I am having a bit of foot drop in the left foot and it can catch on the floor or
anything, really.  My legs give out without any warning and down I go....that is
really not fun.

But I am a quilter, an avid one.  I finished my last quilt on my longarm in
October.  From October through mid January, I was really out of commission. I had no
stamina at all to walk or stand for anytime.  We started PT in November but had to
quit in early February as we saw my left leg weaken dramatically in January.
All the Lambies in a row.....waiting on diaper pins!!

Answers?  We have none so far.  We are nurses and have researched and we have an
idea what it might be or is being mimicked to make you think it is this certain diagnosis.
I don't want it but, I would like to know what it is so I can start medications that might
slow down the damage being done to my nerves.

So, friends, I have always tried to make really good lemonade when life gives us lemons.

So fun to make

A closer Look

Hubs winter build, now painting it...it needs a barn quilt on end facing the road!!

I have enjoyed recently sewing in short periods at times and then resting 1/2  hour.
My lambies and "like" muc muc dolls are ready to ship to Ohio and Indiana closer
to Easter.....I was too sick at Christmas to quilt(that is sick huh?)....so nothing sent...so, we are a bit late but still made with love!!

I am starting a bit of paper piecing today and some Wolsey things....just let the creative juices fly
and see what the day will bring you.  Life is worth the living and God does come and give
Grace when the trials  come.                             Trust.


                                                                    Never Give Up!!
It is all Good; God is good all the time

February 21, 2017


First Born's are always exciting....such a new experience and everyday
brings new life to your life.  So, I share my first born among many to
come....in Poland they call them Muc Muc Dolls; I call them Precious.

I gave it a try and my Goodwill sweaters worked some magic for clothes.

Maybe you want to try them out.....your creativity is your only limit on these
Sew Fun....Sew Fun


Posing Cute

My friend called her "Darling"

Happy Febrrary....!!
Yes, I did finish two lambs yesterday....they get stuffed today.....BAAAABAAAAABAAAA!!

Always, Quilted Blessings Prayed your way!!!

February 20, 2017


Some eye Sculpting

Personality coming


Lambikin #1

Here we go.....now have 2 more ready to stuff.....Easter Lambs to find a home in 3 Grandgals Homes.....
Next project.....do them in phases, so it takes me much longer than usual.........

Muc Muc Dolls....they make them in Poland....I am giving them a try.....Paul and Paula  have made some pretty special ones.  They are also on Pinterest.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

Have a sweet Sewing Day or Quilting Day on this President's Day!!

Sunny here,blue Sky's,  I am sure Blue Sky's by Doris Day will cheer you!  It sure does me!!