March 29, 2017


Precious Hand's   Precious Colors!

A day in the life of an Avid Quilter.  Right?  I say so!
Even a Stamp for the sweet Crayola

I heard today that they are retiring a crayon color.....Makes me sad!
What color will it be?  My mother in law's sister named the blue Cornflower
color.  She worked in NYC then. So, we hope it is not Harriets' color....she is close
100 years old now.  Amazing!

Back to Quilting.  I have added a few Quilts I found on Pinterest with an
interesting link to one that weaves a basket with lots of crayola colors!

My favorite color box was when the 64 box came out with a sharpener..

How good it smelled on Christmas Morning!  and Please little sister's DON'T break
them in half......please!!

Oh, WOW!!  I think my favorite with this Pinterest Grouping is the last one.....the actual Crayola's ...
Excellently done!!  Our imaginations are our only limit, I think.

I am bound up in binding today.  A little over 3 weeks until my 3 sister's will be here.  I am blessed with Company recently.  My son and his family and our daughter and her 3 girls were here Sunday and Monday.  They squeezed fun out of every minute together.  I imagine our chicken's miss them
collecting the warm eggs!! and our young dog Gracie misses them too.  She got the best attention
she has had in while now!.....they all fell in love with her....I think I heard a little voice saying....I would like to take her home...... followed later by, Well, I AM the birthday girl!!.....wise at 8!!

Have a bright and colorful day!  

Who REALLY loves your Crayola memories? and who doesn't love the Taffy Quilt!!!!

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